Benefits of hiring CMS Web Development Company

We all know how important it is to keep our website updated with fresh content and graphics. And, the time has already gone when people used to have a static website. These days with the help of many open source frameworks, CMS website development is on rise. Even it is pretty much easier for a non-technical guy to manage CMS websites easily. Basically, there are plenty of benefits for having an admin panel to manage website content. And, with our web development services using WordPress and our customized admin panel, it is more convenient for you as well.

It does not matter how small or large website you own. By providing you an admin panel, we make sure that you should be able to change any information on your website. In addition, you can add or edit your bio or profile information, product or service description or contact information as per your choice. While there are many open source frameworks and ready-made themes available in the market. But, that does not make sense when it comes to design a proper cms website by considering all SEO and SMO factors in mind.

Therefore, hiring a professional CMS website development company makes greater sense. Also, it is much more cost-feasible.

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At Envirc Solutions, we do have expertise in diverse technologies and platforms. Our expertise in design and development of CMS websites is more than awesome. Furthermore, we also use latest design technologies. And, follow the best coding practices in the industry.

We give you many reasons to hire us as your professional CMS website development company in India or across the globe.

Apart from our diverse knowledge and experience level, our expertise is more focused to these 2 platforms:

  1. WordPress Framework for CMS Website Development
  2. Customized CMS / Admin Panel developed using CakePHP Framework

WordPress CMS Framework

Today, WordPress is one of the most common open source framework. Due to its flexibility and easy installation, WordPress is used at a very large level. The turnaround time for website development is quite feasible for many. And, since it has many built-in plugins and themes with easy access panel, we prefer this for small businesses. However, not only CMS but any kind of website development can be done with WordPress. That is why, our professionals are damn good in it.

Custom CMS Website Development

As already said that we understand your business and take care of it. That is why we are best web development company with our customized web development services. However, there are plenty of benefits with WordPress and other open source frameworks. But, what we have developed is more than your expectation.

Why our admin panel is better than WordPress

The development turnaround with customized admin panel does not make any big difference on our level. So, you can expect quick delivery of your project in almost no time. Moreover, you will find it a win-win situation everywhere if we get into a detailed discussion. However, you will find lots of benefits from our web development services here. Let us give you an insight of benefits that we will bring to you. Here are the key benefits:

  • Easy to use Admin Panel.
  • Tailored to your business need.
  • Flexibility for future expansion.
  • Easy insights to website visitors and enquiries received.
  • Additional option to receive quick payments direct into your bank accounts.
  • No restriction on number of pages.
  • Well-formatted content and pre-defined styles.
  • Option to convert CMS website into Ecommerce website at a very feasible cost.
Technologies used for CMS Website Development in Customized Admin

We do have expertise in many front-end and back-end development tools and technologies. So, for the admin panel, we have used latest technologies. Moreover, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with Bootstrap or Material Design is our basis of all. Addionally, AngularJS is used to add more interactivity. Further, CakePHP and MySQL as backend reduces the overall development cost. So, it makes the web development services more affordable for everyone.

Since, we work in close coordination with SEO / SMO experts. So, we also make sure the website shall be compatible from SEO perspective. In our admin section, you will find seeral options to manage your SEO and SMO strategies. If you need, we can also give you an option to see the Google Analytics report. Content optimization, image optimization and keyword optimization; all can be easily managed from admin itself. There won't be any need to rewrite anything on code level.

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