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Crypto-currency or Bitcoin, as popularly known by many, is not just a buzzword today. Instead it has become a great source of income for many and also new face of technology today. With so many crypto-currency coins out there with different crypto-currency exchanges all over world, this industry is making big hits these days. And, as crypto-currency exchanges are growing with different coins (ICOs), the need to find the right crypto-currency signal provider today has become a necessity.

While most of the trading signal providers use their telegram channels to send crypto-currency trading signals to their telegram followers, few have their own customized mobile application for the same.

Mobile App for Crypto-currency trading signals

Telegram is a very common platform to share trading signals to the people interested in buying crypto-currencies. But, the business groups or organizations that have deep interest in this industry and wish to grow into a billion dollar enterprise have their own app. Such organizations or business groups have contacted mobile application development companies like Envirc Solutions to get their mobile app developed to send trading signals.

What does this crypto-currency trading signal app does?

The trading signal provider mobile application developed by Envirc Solutions helps respective signal provider firm get people register on their own mobile application. Once these user register themselves, admin (owner) of the signal provider company sends notification to users based on their subscription plans get notified for the different trading tips, trading signals, profit analyzer. And, apart from that, what we have recently developed is the integration of arbitrage feature. This arbitrage feature helps you get the best advice on from where to sell the crypto-currency coins to get the maximum benefits.

Apart from that, it helps the business owner to manage the data of users, get payment, track payment and history of subscription plans. In addition, users can also manage their billing history, payment history, earnings, referrals, etc.

The features in a crypto-currency trading signal provider app cannot be limited to these only. There can be numerous features which will help a user get the maximum benefits while investing in crypto-currencies. Because, investing at crypto-currencies is not that easy like investment at stock markets.

How investing at crypto-currencies differ investment in stock markets?

Investment in stock market, mutual funds or crypto-currencies is all risk-oriented investment practices. It all depends on the market fluctuations and economy of the particular country. The mindset behind investing in stocks is quite different because a stock value does not fluctuate too frequently at a vast range. But, the prices of crypto-currency do fluctuate too frequently and at every second. There is a defined regulatory monitoring the price fluctuation in stocks and debentures investment. While there is no such regulatory monitoring the fluctuations of crypto-currencies like stocks or mutual funds.

This is one of the main reasons why we need a professional and result-oriented trading signal provider. And, at Envirc Solutions, we help you stay connected and spread your trading signals among the right audience through your own customized mobile application. We are one of the best crypto-currency trading signal app development company in Noida. If you are interested and want to know more about how we can help you achieve greater successes in your business through our trading signal app development services, do contact us.

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