Tips to improve web development and web programming skills?

We all know how much web development has become a need for the lives of people. These days everyone needs to hire great web developers. Today, we all know how tech and non-tech startups are booming by each day. This boom has added another big market which created a demand for enhanced web development and programming skills.

The programming skills especially for web development demands greater logical knowledge plus improved coding practices. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are a freelance web developer or an experienced working professional who is working with any web development company; you all need to know these basic tips or you can say you should follow these coding practices at your work. Now, not taking much of your time, here are the key tips for you:


Indentation is the basic coding practice which makes your code clean and easy-to-read. Today is the time of open-source frameworks and technologies. So, we should always write our code by following the conventions and industry practices to ensure that we achieve the perfection in whatever we write.

The proper indentation of the code also helps your other colleagues to work in sync with you without giving any trouble to you. Since, we work in a close-knit environment where developers or team of developers will be working on different modules and chunks of codes. So, if we will follow the best practices then overall quality of the deliverables will also be improved.

Naming Conventions

As the heading says it all, we should follow proper naming conventions. Actually, naming convention is not only suggested for web developers but also for web designers who write frontend development code, jQuery code, CSS code, etc. Every framework does have their own naming conventions and above all, web design and web development forums have also underlined few key guidelines in this direction.

Most of the large website development companies and few startups do have their own process and standards to follow in web development. So, we should jot down all those key points plus what web development forums and tech associations say us to follow.


Since the introduction of ‘C’, we all are suggested to write comments with whatever code we write. This commenting should not be followed on large web applications but also in small or CMS website development projects too.

The main reason behind this is to notify other co-developers about what we write and why. Sometimes, it is useful to separate the chunks of codes. In a co-working environment where team of web developers or back-end developers is involved in a large-scale web application development project, it brings an effective in team productivity.

Web Development and Real World Objects

An experienced professional is the one who can relate web development with the real world scenarios. If you cannot relate the two then it is gonna be a complex development process for you.

The reason behind this is as simple as that we are so familiar to our real life. And, if we can project our coding problems with actual life situations then it will simply our logics and code writing skills. I am not taking much of your time but here is an example.
Let’s say, you are hungry then what will be the different scenarios. I am writing the same things in programming and general language. Hope you will be able to relate this better.

If (I am HUNGRY) {
         I will eat FOOD.
         If (I eat FOOD) {
                 I will no longer be hungry.
         } else {
                 I will still be hungry.

That is too simple to understand and we should actually do this.

Why I should take care of all these? I already knew about these stuffs.

Ohh, you are right. You all know about this but do not follow.

You should remember one thing i.e. all these guidelines have been drafted by experts just to ease the process. And, even your employer wants you to follow the best web development practices. It is true that organizations cannot ignore productivity but those organizations who ignore quality at the cost of productivity do not survive for long.

At Envirc Solutions, we do not compromise on quality rather sometimes we compromise on productivity. Because we know it very well that each web design and development project is equal prospect to us and it does not matter how much our client is paying, he/she wants quality result. And, that is what we do.

However, it is your corporate ethics and working strategy but a truth is this. To grow like an organization, you need to define and follow the best web development standards because it will help you last forever. And, in the field of technology, we have to groom our skills and knowledge at the speed it changes.

It does not matter which programming language or scripting language you use; every language do follow these sets of tips. One more addition here is that if you don’t know any standards or coding guidelines defined by any open-source framework that does not mean it do not have. Every open source do have, it depends how much you are aware of it. So start working on your skills and I hope the above tips will help you improve your web development and programming skills.

Have a good day!

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2017.

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