How Hospitals can go digital in India?

After successful deployment of our ERP portal in one of the hospital in Baraut (INDIA) now is the time to write how it has changed the operations and processes at the medical facility / hospital in Baraut. By sharing an insight about the features about our Hospital ERP portal developed for Bhopal Memorial Hospital, we would try to help you know how you can also go digital and be smart in today’s competitive world. Let’s see how we helped this hospital transform its business operations and be a part of Digital India initiative.

Digital India and Smart City

Baraut, as popularly known for its diversity in religious activities and agricultural industries, is a town in Uttar Pradesh under Baghpat district. Having its own assembly seat and good political history, it is quite popular among all nearby regions.

With so many high quality medical facilities and experienced MBBS doctors in the city, it has been blessed with few multi-speciality hospitals too.

And, with our initiative to bring some advancements in the city, we got the chance to connect with Dr. Rehan Mohammad who is the owner of the medical hospital in Baraut i.e. Bhopal Memorial Hospital. He wanted us to develop something great which he could use to transform his hospital into a digitally smart hospital.

Earlier, he used to manage all billings, invoices and cash-flow related information through manual processes with lots of paperwork. It is quite obvious for many hospitals even today. But, when Mr. Deepak and Dr. Rehan discussed the possibilities over a meeting, they came to a common ground. They discussed about all the opportunities about how we can transform and help his hospital go digital with our professional ERP development services and be a part of Digital India initiative.

We worked out and built a right solution for his hospital and delivered an ERP portal to him which he is using to manage all his business processes and can have an easy analytics with no hassle anymore.

Smart System, Smart Staff and Patient Records

With our experience and exposure in professional ERP development services, we were able to deliver the application with the inclusion of several flexible environments to make sure he do not face any hassle. And, if he does, we are always there to assist. That is what we have expertise in and pioneer in customer service.

You are not our customer only but you help us learn and grow further.

We consider you as our teacher who helps us in being smart with each smart ERP application or web software; we develop for your institution.

Now, the nurses and other doctors at the hospital can record patient’s medical reports with this digital medium. No matter, who is the doctor in-charge; all the records are now centralized and can be accessed conveniently.

Patients do not have to worry about the fraudulent in doctor’s fees and different medical tests. Things have been automated and each and every entry is now monitored through digital platform. Patients can either pay in cash or through debit/credit card or net banking. Each and every payment record is digitally stored on a server. The system has also helped the accountant who takes care of auditing and tax filings for the hospital. Now, he can easily track the income generated through OPD patients via bookings, or MOT/IPD patients through operations or from some external doctors/specialist who came over at the facility for specific treatment. The overall management and operations have been brought down to an easy and convenient way.

Does it manage all the departments of the hospital?

Yes. Our ERP portal developed specifically for Bhopal Memorial Hospital has all possible modules which are required at the facility.

Since, there are several departments at any hospital and patients from multiple categories; we have designed our ERP application with all those requirements in mind. That’s the reason; we call ourselves a professional ERP development company in Noida.

Maintaining records of every patient booking with records of its consulting doctor, medical problems, provisional diagnosis, medical history and all other stuff required at any hospital. We have developed this ERP web application with possible flexibilities for OPD patients, IPD patients, orthopedics, and all other patients from different departments/specialties. Tracking records of all diagnosis related information, health or treatment related information with operations (medical operations/surgeries) done for any patient. It helps the hospital to track every operation and its status with information about all the doctors and staffs involved at respective treatment.

The records of every patient who died or came in an emergency or mothers who gave born to a new lovely baby, all are maintained in the database. Doctors and staff can easily generate invoice and print-out the certificates as required. No more hassle at any activity or business processes. We are just trying to simplify it with each iteration. With every update, we are only in the try to make sure it becomes more flexible and customizable as per hospital’s need.

What's Next?

We are adding more features and modules to the ERP application developed for the hospital. With the introduction of new advanced features including Artificial Intelligence and automated processes, we will transform this application into an advanced ERP application.

If you are also an owner of a hospital or medical facility or wants to start any new one, you may contact us. We are a professional ERP development company in Noida. Our exposure of deploying this ERP application was just a beginning. There is a long way to go. And, we will appreciate to add you as our prestige member on this journey.

Let’s connect over a cup of coffee.

Give us a call if we can also assist you in going digital and be a Smart Hospital of India.


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