Introduction to Envirc Solutions

"ENVIRC" was introduced to create a new brand in the market. The term did not exist so far however given birth after all efforts towards generating a term which should be short and simple to write and pronounce. At initial stage, our core expertise lies in IT and technology related services. That's why few technical jargons were used to create this buzzword.

The jargons used for "ENVIRC" are:
forming "ENVIRC" with an extra emphasis on the initial 2 alphabet letters i.e. "EN". The letters are used to add more emphasis and intense behavior like prefixes used in Enthusiasm, Enforcement, etc.

This was the story behind this term generation. Prior this term, the founders tried to pick many other unique and simple terms but did not succeed. The list is so huge which was not selected due to either non-availability, uniqueness, simplicity or was related to any core industry. But "ENVIRC" does not relate to any particular industry thus making it more valuable and unique in every manner.

Hope you would appreciate this new name and we together can make it a brand in coming days.

Introduction in brief

"ENVIRC", a new name in the corporate sector with technology based services welcomes you all on our website.

We pioneer in cms and ecommerce web design, customized web development, erp development, mobile apps development, and digital marketing services. Our major expertise lies in frontend development and backend development using PHP and open source frameworks. Click the respective links to know more about "who we are", "what we do" and "industries we serve".

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