What are the latest Web Design Trends in 2017?

Being involved in the most frequently changing web design industry, we always need to keep ourselves updated with the latest web design trends. Each year brings new web design trends with it and it sometimes involves new design elements or sometimes an older design element but with some different style. That’s why, finding the latest design trends become a need today.

So, here in this article, we are going to share few web design tips which you should follow in year 2017. Here it goes:


Typography has always been one of the most important factors in website designing practices. However, most of the web design companies in India do not know every detail about this. But they should actually be aware of typography. It helps them deliver an optimized website with a better user experience. This is the main reason that UI and UX have evolved in past years.

So, this year 2017 is the year to use large and bold fonts in our web design practices. Font size in websites is getting bigger and bigger. It will add emphasis and credibility to your website. But, keep them optimized according to the device you optimize the website for.

Long-Scrolling Page

Since the introduction of parallax, long-scrolling website has got the user attention and is another trend to follow in the year 2017. A long-scrolling website design trend should be carefully followed. It should be used either in a story-teller way or for social media websites. It is the best way to keep users engaging with new content on each scroll that will keep them stay connected with each section.


Flat color design trend will also be the trend in coming days. However, we may follow other color design patterns if used carefully. These includes gray-scale color scheme with clean and large image with black transparency overlay. An example for the same can be seen in top banner graphics of this article.

Flat Design

Flat design is in its end now. Web designers have actually lost the creativity to introduce something new and interacte while following flat web design patterns. But, a color scheme in the trend is still followed by professionals. Rather than ignoring flat design all through, you can still follow few practices from this to add value to your web design creativity.

Material Design

Google has integrated Material Design in almost all of their web applications. A framework which is designed by Google and now has become a preferred choice for the creative web design companies today. And, Envirc Solutions has the greater experience in implementing material design in whatever web design we do or any mobile UI designing.

Animated Image

Animated images or GIF images today adds value to the website to grab the users’ attention. Apart from all other design factors, GIFs are another engaging element. We can engage users by defining flow or process kinda elements using GIF images.

We hope this article will benefit you to deliver the best web design services. If you need any consultation for any of your web design project, you may connect with us.

Have a good time! :)

Team Envirc Solutions wishes you all and your family a Happy New Year. God bless you all.

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