What is the new face of web development today?

There was a time when software development was on rise. Every IT/computer professional wish to join software industry. But, being an industry of rapid developments and technology enhancements, there came a rise of web development services. And, things started moving from desktop to web applications.

And, revolution continued from ordinary HTML websites to HTML5 website designs to parallax and animation as a core element of web design. Since the day, I joined this industry, there have been many revolutionary changes over each iterations.

Face of web development today @ Envirc Solutions

Web industry has moved its focus from more on functionality to more on ui design and content giving rise to some more designations in the industry. Today, instead of hiring a web designer, we prefer to hire UI Designers, frontend developers and backend developers with hands on knowledge in latest tools and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, angular.js, ruby on rails, php, python, azure and other cloud-based frameworks.

Cloud Technology

A new way to use the desktop applications with on-demand capabilities changing the face of software development industry. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Content Delivery Network (CDN), Adobe Cloud Creative, etc. all these are the best examples of today’s cloud based technologies.

With the introduction of touch devices, people have started using smartphones and devices to view the websites which enforced the websites to be device compatible. Technically, we call it responsive web design (RWD). But, this revolution didn't stopped here. Mobile Apps was the next revolutionary change then calling more expertise and creativity. This revolution demands better skills and experienced professionals who can provide feasible solutions.

With this move from desktop to web then to mobile devices urged the need of improvement in marketing strategies. Agencies already moved their focus from those traditional marketing to digital marketing with different strategies and methods of advertising.

Mobile advertising and advertising on users’ favorite social media platforms like facebook urged the need of big change in advertising sector. And, being a professional in the industry, we at Envirc Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers all web development, mobile apps development and digital marketing services. Our front-end developers, back-end developers and UI/UX designers can help you achieve better at a very competitive price. Our solutions are logically designed and developed to serve you in the best manner while using latest design methodologies.

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