7 ways to handle the work stress for Startup Entrepreneurs

Today, we have hand-picked one of the most important topic focussing our startup entrepreneurs. We all know, how innovative ideas are coming day by day from all across the global community of startup entrepreneurs. And, with these innovative ideas, every new generation entrepreneur is also bringing new challenges in his/her own life and to the market segment. If we talk about their personal life, they feel exhausted sometimes, while some other times, they enjoy the feeling of achievements. Despite of the fact that business will have fluctuations throughout entire journey, ignoring the fact that at what stage it is and how financially successful it has been. So today, we are going to discuss about all these stuff and how any new generation entrepreneur can handle the stress and deal with the problems he/she face in his/her entrepreneurial journey.

Well, we are into technology consulting and digital marketing services for startups, SMBs and medium-large scale enterprises. But, today, we are not going to sell any of our services. Since, we are into consulting for startups, so today we are trying to give some tips and strategies to them. That's why, we are sharing the 7 ways to manage your overall work stress at your startup venture. Hope, it will help you take your startup to next level and overcome all your hurdles.

Manage your Finances:

Every entrepreneur should start from the very first step that is he/she should manage all his/her financial incomes and expenses properly.

No matter which tool or application or printed accounting books you use but you should always maintain all your cash inflows and outflows in a proper format. It will help you in tracking your business expenses and will keep you aware of your financial strengths and weaknesses. And, in life, we should be aware of our weaknesses and strengths so that we could overcome our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths further.

Prioritize your Work:

You should prepare a list of work to be done and not to be done. The best way, I would suggest is that you prepare a list of all tasks and note them down on a paper. Then start marking those tasks into Most Important, Important, Less Important and Not Important. Now, you will have the list of tasks which should have highest priority in your schedule. It will never leave you in a mess and will help you be more productive.

But, here is an important suggestion i.e. you should also focus on least impotant and not important tasks because if you will keep leaving them on future then one day all those tasks will become your top most priority at some point. And, if there is any task which you can even ignore then remove it from your list immediately. The shorter list you have, the more productive you will become.

Build a Support System:

Having a support system in your business is as important as it is in your personal life.

So, I would suggest you to keep in touch with someone who can be your mentor. Your mentor won't come to you. Instead, you have to reach out to him/her. So, having a support system is much important in your entrepreneurial journey. If you could do, do try to maintain a separate bank account in which you could deposit some of your money on regular basis. Either you can maintain it in a fixed deposit or just keep it deposited in a savings account. It might help you anytime in your life to meet some unforeseen expenses.

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses:

If you know your strengths and weaknesses which almost all of us knows then it will help you in doing the things in a right way.

For example, you do have expertise in finance and sales but lacks in technology aspect. Then either ask someone with technical proficiency to be with you on board or hire someone to handle all your technical aspects. Hiring a fresher in this case might cost you more than what would have been if you hired any experienced guy earlier. And, if you are in low budget then you can go for some work from home or freelance people serving their services on part time basis. It could also be cost-effective for you.

But, don't stop learning new things because the more you will learn, the more you will grow.

Eat Healthy, Sleep Healthy, Stay Healthy

This is a well-known idiom that great souls exist in healthy body only.

If you do eat healthy and sleep properly then your overall efficiency and productivity will get improved. Probably you are having a tight schedule all day. Actually, everyone do have. And, its quite good news that you remain busy. But, don't let your busy-ness hamper your business. If it do, you might suffer big losses.

So, from today onwards, prepare a healthy lifestyle for yourself and soon you will find a positive change in your mindset, your thought-process and untimately leading good revenues and profits at your venture.

Don't let your mind be a dustbin

Your mind/brain is your precious asset. There is no reason to compromise with its efficiency. But, if you watch so-called TV serials and unnecessary stuffs on television then you are just brainwashing yourself and making risk to your efficiency. If you ask the most important factor in having a great thought-process in leading entrepreneurs then one thing which you will find common in all of them will be that they don't let their mind be a dustbin where unnecessary clutter gets stored.

Even, in our daily life, we delete all unnecessary files from our laptop or desktop PCs. We even don't want them to be in our trash folder. In addition, we keep deleting temporary files from our system to improve the system speed. That's how our brain works. Our brain will run faster and efficiently if we keep removing all unnecessary thoughts and clutter from it. And, keep it safe from entering any unnecessary thought. If you could try this strategy, you will find positive results very soon.

Plan your Strategies Effectively

Since, you have joined a market of unforeseen circumstances so it is the better way to plan all of the marketing and financial strategies in advance.

We should work-out effectively and prepare our strategies in a way where we could meet some unforeseen circumstances as well. While few says having a Plan B is a good idea while other says it is not. And, on the other hand, few also prepare few other plans Plan C, D and so on.. So, I am not going into its debate and just putting my own view regarding the same.

Finally, what I would suggest is you prepare your plan A only. But, your plan should be enough flexible to meet any unforeseen circumstances. And, while preparing your plans, always prepare your marketing and financial strategies in sub-modules (or sub-strategies) for next 3 months, next 1 year, next 3 years and one for your very long-term plans. You should always try to have some space to tackle different business situations that might occur and will occur. So, plan accordingly and act smartly.


Hope, the above 7 tips will help you get out of stress at your work. And, if you still feel stressed and unable to find solution to your problems, you may send us a message. Probably, we will try to do whatever we could to assist you to mentor you. We wish you a great success at your venture. Welcome to Startup World! :) 

At last, I would end up my talks of the day with one last line that "Never stop Learning".

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