We seek to provide optimized web software solutions to hospitals and medical institutions in India. Today’s market demands our hospitals to go digital and revamp their business operations with better service and customer experience.

Customer is the king and he demands for best services rather than only quality product. This is the change in time where customers are getting smarter. And, to retain all those existing customers and attract new customers, we need to think all through and build some better services to ease their user experience.

At Envirc Solutions, we do the same by delivering best web-based software development services to institutions and businesses from Healthcare industry. Our readymade ERP software solutions are designed to fulfill your business needs. But, if you find it not enough suitable, we can do customized ERP development based upon your business requirements. Our developed system will be feasible to provide you better user experience with error-free reporting system.

You can reduce your manual processes and could reduce manpower to handle basic-to-medium daily activities for patient booking, operation scheduling, report generation and compilation and many others. Such digital systems will increase authenticity of your incomes and expenses plus will help you easily track the performances over a period of time.

We understand that you need customized application with extra features to provide you a secure and crisped system which should be easy-to-use and user-friendly at the same time. We are the professionals and work in close-coordination to ensure you get the one you are expecting from us.

If you want to go through the demo of our application, click here. For a complete customized development for your medical institution or hospital, do write us here.

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